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About us

We are a game studio from southern Brazil that creates games that are easy to market. We’ve been developing mostly free to play titles for the past 10 years and we’re a 10 people remote team. We focus on player experience first and use data-driven tools to optimize our produtcts, knowledge we offer as consultancy to other studios.


Develop unique and creative games focused on player fun.
Furthermore, they are easy to sell on their own, and their marketing success is a consequence of the experience provided to the user.


Canvas Ink. aims for market growth, not only within the Brazil, as well as internationally. To this end, it seeks to develop profitable projects that allow the company to be scalable and control its production time.


As a gaming company, one of the main pillars of Canvas Ink. is fun. Still, another valuable focus is the quality of life of its employees, resulting in productions rich in creativity and uniqueness, as well as work based on professionalism.




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LAIzy Picture Phone

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Music Rush

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Inferno Manager

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Anagram Arena

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