Canvas Games
Based in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Founding date:
November 1, 2012


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Super Casual Ball
Ritual Conquest
Music Rush
Yum Yum
Inferno Manager
Battle Pegs Multiplayer
Portal Defense


+55 51 998703003


Canvas Games is a independent game studio with focus in casual free to play, based on Porto Alegre, Brazil. Our goal is to create cool games with potential to viralize through non conventional strategies. We design games that uses the very known profitable models for retention and monetization, adding our Indie touch to make them unique and awesome =). Music Rush is the actual working game, currently in open beta at Google Play (at some selected countries).



Eduardo, the founder, initiated his game carrer as a internee at the company Playscape - a mobile publisher and developer located at Tel Aviv, Israel. Later in 2012, after coming back to his hometown (Pelotas, Brazil), he invited his friend Marco Beckmann to work as programmer and "informally" founded Canvas Games in order to participate the competition Gamecast Contest, organized by Playscape. Then, they started working at their first 2 original games Bomblast and Portal Defense.

After that

Bomblast was the first launched game at May 2013 for Android by Playscape, reaching 230k downloads. Eduardo and Marco kept working in 2 games: Portal Defense and Yum Yum also to launch with Playscape, until Eduardo was invited to go to Tel Aviv to receive training and to work in a multiplayer game along with other parters, which give birth to Battle Pegs Multiplayer. A team of 5 people was established and lasted until its 1st soft-launch in January 2015 and discontinued later that year. Then, in 2016, Canvas Games enter a new phase, with only the founders working with the remaining budged at the games Lemix and Inferno Manager prototypes and launching the web game The Super Causal game at Kongregate. With their budged over at the 3nd quarter of 2016, Marco and Eduardo had to stop dedicating full time to Canvas projects while still working in the game industry. The main current project is Music Rush, to be launched at 2018



Demo Reel YouTube

Music Rush Gameplay YouTube

Inferno Manager Feature Promo YouTube

Battle Pegs Multiplayer Gameplay and Features YouTube

Bomblast Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Finalist with the game Bomblast at Gamecast Contest 2012, promoted by Playscape: https://contest.mominis.com/" - Israel, April 15th,2013

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Eduardo Saffer Medevedovski
Owner, Programmer, Game Designer and Project Manager

Marco Beckmann
Programmer, DJ

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